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How do I know how much I will be paid for my items?
You can use our precious metals calculator to determine how much you will be paid.

Does the price you pay me change as the market changes?
Yes the calculator will tell you the price based on the current price of gold which can change by the minute. This is the market price and can change by the time I receive your items. It may go up slightly or it may go down slightly based on the daily market conditions which are displayed thru the kitco.com spot price chart on the top of this website.

What is a Preferred Gold Member and how do I become one?
To become a Preferred Gold Member you must sell a minimum of 5 troy ounces of gold at one time or collectively with repeat transactions.

What are the advantages of being a Preferred Gold Member?
Preferred Gold Members receive a higher payout of 90% of spot for gold versus regular customers get 85% of spot for gold. The higher payout is for those customers whom sell to us on a regular basis in high volume.

How fast will I receive my payment from you?
We will send payment the same day or within 24 hours Monday thru Friday.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount of gold I can send you?
There is no minimum or maximum. We will gladly accept any amount you want to sell us.

Do you only buy Gold?
We specialize in gold but we also buy silver, platinum, palladium and diamonds.

Can I sell jewelry items if they have gemstones or diamonds?
Yes we will remove the stones and pay you based on the weight and purity of the items after the stones are removed. You have the option of having us discard the stones or we can send them back to you as long as you agree to pay the return shipping costs for the stones.

What happens if I send you some items that are not real gold?
All items will be tested for purity and if items are found to be plated or not of gold purity then we will contact you to resolve. You will then have the option of having us discard the fake items or we can send them back to you as long as you agree to pay the return shipping costs.

What happens if I change my mind and I no longer want to sell my items after I have already sent you my items?
We will be happy to send you your items back as long as you agree to pay the return shipping costs. If you agree to accept payment for the items then we can no longer send the items back as they will be melted as scrap right away.

What happens if we disagree on the purity or weight for the items I send you?
If we receive items that are different from what is described then we will contact you to resolve and if we are still in disagreement then we will send the items back to you.

What happens to the items after I sell them to you?
All Precious metals will be melted down as scrap and recycled back into the market as bullion like coins or bars or they will be made into jewelers shot to make new jewelry.

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