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Hello Mike,
My name is Luz Silva and I would just like to express how happy and satisfied I am with your service. I was really impressed with the text message and proposal break down email you sent upon receiving my items. I received payment super fast and the communication was A+. I have told people at work about this great service and will continue to steer them your way. I do have some more jewelry that I am interested in selling, so I will be filling out a new form here shortly. Thank you so much. I am very happy to have found and chosen M & M gold exchange to do business with.

Sincerely, Luz Silva

Thanks for sending the bad items back to me. You are a trustworthy source and the safest place for gold and silver transactions we have. I get many inquiries but your level of accuracy and integrity will always be successful.

Thanks, Brad and Joyce

I was cleaning out my house and came across some old jewelry I didn’t even know I had. I took it to a mall and they told me what they were going to pay. I decided to look on line to see if I could find a place that would pay more. I came across M and M Gold Exchange and I was shocked. I was able to get three times the amount than what the place in the mall was going to pay! It was an easy decision. I sent it in, and I had a check in my hand in just a few days! I would never sell to a retail store after finding them! I have recommended them to all my friends.

Lynn, North Carolina

My family and I like to go to auctions and estate sales. We often come across gold necklaces and rings. Before finding M and M Gold Exchange, we used to sell them on Ebay. After all the fees we were charged by them, we were making much less than if we sold them to M and M. Now, we know EXACTLY what we can pay for an item before we buy it and know exactly what we can sell it for. Their gold calculator is a huge help and we make more money! I’ll never sell another gold item on Ebay again!

The Salomon Family, Memphis

Recently I had a grandparent pass away and she had a variety of jewelry. I didn’t know what was real gold and what was costume jewelry. I came across the M and M Gold Exchange website, and it answered all my questions on not only how to determine what was real, but also what it was worth. I took the gold items to a jewelry store and what they offered wasn’t even close to what I could get from M and M. I also priced it out at two pawn shops. No one could come close to the price that M and M offered. I sent it in to them, and they transferred the money right into my paypal account. It was so easy and the company was great to work with. I was able to call them on the phone and talk to a real person to answer all my questions before hand. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Since then, I have gone through my old jewelry and sold to them three more times. They are a great company to work with.

Jessica, North Dakota

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